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The Baeri


The Baeri Caviar: This Caviar comes from a species of sturgeon living in Russia. It is the most widespread species on European farms, particularly in France or Italy. The color is rather dark, its grain is anthracite gray to golden brown. Delicate, the small grains of Caviar Baeri have a taste discreetly iodized. A fine and fresh flavor with a note of fresh hazelnut.
Origin: Italy or France.

The Oscietra

The Oscietra

Oscietra Caviar comes from a sturgeon species of average size, weighing between 20kg and 50kg. It can be considered semi-wild, because it is raised in large lakes and not in small spaces.

Oscietra Royal From amber to bronze, with pretty golden highlights. Its grain is firm with a delicate taste. Ideal for lovers of generously iodized tastes.

Oscietra Selection The color of its grains is dark amber, with a firm and delicate texture. Finely iodized, it has nice notes of green walnuts and woody hazelnuts.

Oscietra Reserve With an amber and honey color, its grains have a pleasantly firm texture. Very sweet and not very salty, we find tasting notes of hazelnut with a nice length in the mouth.

The Oscietra Gold

The Oscietra Gold

“Rolls” of Oscietra Caviar, this caviar has unusual characteristics, whose eggs vary in color, from honey to gold.
At the tasting, its grains, big, round and firm, roll on the palate and have a good length in the mouth. It is very sweet and ideal for people who have a discerning palate.

Origin: Italy or Bulgaria
(Reserve and Gold: only in Bulgaria).

The Beluga

The Beluga

Beluga Royal: Beluga is the largest sturgeon, it can measure up to 4 meters and weigh up to 800 kg. His eggs are the largest that can be found. This species is considered as the rarest, and the most precious. Beluga Royal has a large, soft and melting grain, ranging from light gray to deep gray. It is very long in the mouth.

Beluga Reserve: It is distinguished by the brightness of its eggs, also with a light gray to deep gray by its melting, buttered, soft and delicate texture, all subtle and in great balance.
Origin: Bulgaria.

The Other Caviars

The Other Caviars

Royal White Sturgeon Caviar: This Caviar comes from the United States and is bred in Italy. Its grains, of good size and firm texture, have a color ranging from amber to gray, with hints of khaki. Its very fine taste, a mixture of roasted hazelnut and almond, is weakly iodized.
Origin: Italy.

Pressed Caviar: This Caviar paste is very salty, and ideally used to accompany a baked potato or for the preparation of a sauce.
Origin: Italy.

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