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Vodka Kaspia

The Russian soul in a bottle

The regulars on the first floor of 17 Place de la Madeleine know it: at Caviar Kaspia, we toast and dine, but we also have vodka for lunch. First of all, because in such an authentic universe, it would be incongruous to deviate from an indisputable Slavic ceremony. But also, because to accompany delicious potatoes with caviar, we can’t imagine anything better than the homemade “little water” that is served here in pretty carafons. The shop on the ground floor is the perfect place to take home and let others discover this exceptional vodka. But in fact, this is also a problem for true connoisseurs, since until today, it was only available here, and of course, you don’t always have the time to make the trip. It was therefore by general demand that the Parisian institution finally decided to extend the range of possibilities. As of this autumn, its mythical vodka will finally be available in a selective distribution network.

In all authenticity

If the restaurant Caviar Kaspia contains magnificent works of art (paintings, engravings, porcelain …) brought from Moscow or St. Petersburg after the Revolution by a few white Russians, it is also to one of them that we owe the perpetuation of this ancestral vodka. This one, who had taken the precious recipe with him in his luggage and had kept it jealously for a few years, had the idea when he discovered the magic of the restaurant of Arcady Fixon, founder of Caviar Kaspia, to share it with him to finally reproduce this perfectly unique elixir. In 1927, the original awake formula, which became Kaspia Vodka, achieved the ingenious feat of encasing in a bottle the magic of a vodka like no other, powerful, mysterious and delicate at the same time, and the soul of a place full of subtlety and wonderful stories. Produced exclusively in Poland, as is customary, it is characterised by its rare purity. It is made from the best rye – harvested from a single, carefully selected farm – to obtain a brandy that is distilled no less than five times, and also benefits from the exceptional quality of a spring water that dates back to the Cretaceous period. The ancestral formula doing the rest, Kaspia vodka offers a taste of a rare sweetness, with a subtly spicy final note, which makes it definitely incomparable.

An art of living

Because the container had to match the contents, Kaspia vodka will now benefit from a bottle decorated with the famous illustration already found on the house’s caviar tins. Designed by one of its regulars on a table in the restaurant, this flamboyant vessel, inseparable from the institution since 1929, will also find its place on the box containing the bottle. A model of glamour and sophistication, in the image of the high place whose colors it bears. But it is also the hallmark of a certain art of living, which means that elegance isn’t just in appearances. With its exceptional quality, Kaspia vodka is in keeping with the spirit of the times, which wants us to take care of ourselves, starting with the choice of what we consume. As such, the most authentic recipes have never been more up-to-date. There is still the magic, the “twist”, the inexplicable soul of this rare beverage, which, after you have tasted it, will give you the impression that you finally understand what, for true connoisseurs, vodka can be so special.